What will the service time be?

Sunday worship experience is at 10:30am for our in-person and Church Online live stream.  Cleaning: Our janitor deep cleans our sanctuary, foyer, and bathrooms after everyone leaves.


Will our indoor services feel the same as pre-COVID-19?

The experience will be similar to what we have been done in the past, as much as possible. We will be masked and socially distanced. Our service will continue to be designed with our church online viewers in mind as well.

Will we be singing?

Yes! We will be singing, with keeping our masks on and socially distanced. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. We expect all people to wear masks while in the building, even during singing time in the service. The only exceptions are for those who have a medical condition. These guidelines are to help keep everyone safe and healthy. We have masks available if you need one. 

Do I have to register to come to church?

Registration is necessary to ensure reduced and reasonably safe service capacity levels. Additionally, in the event of a verified positive Covid-19 case in someone who attended, we will communicate to all who attended that particular service.

Can I register once to come every week?

No. Registration will be necessary each week, however you can register for multiple weekends. No exceptions.  

What will seating in the sanctuary look like?

Each service will be limited to 50 people maximum. In addition, in order to accommodate singing, seating will be separated by at least 6 feet to separate those from different households (only those living in the same household may sit together). We have an attendance overflow contingency plan in place that will keep everyone properly social distanced.

Is there a recommended arrival time for services?

Yes. The sanctuary will be open approximately 15 minutes PRIOR to our worship time. There will not be any fellowship before or during services.  Fellowship will be reserved for after the service.  The nursery and sherwoodKIDS will receive children prior to the service time and we ask everyone to be seated in the sanctuary at the start of service.

What do I do when I enter the building?

We have PPE stations at each door and outside of each bathroom. Please sanitize your hands when entering the building and upon exiting the bathroom. We will also have sanitizer stations outside the nursery door. Please ensure your child sanitizers their hands when entering and exiting the nursery. (We have masks available if you need one.)

Will we service refreshments?

No. We are limiting contact points and areas where groups form; however complimentary bottles of water will be available. Upon arrival, we ask you go directly to the sanctuary and find your seat. Fellowship will be reserved for AFTER the worship service.

 We will continue to monitor and assess our situation in relation to the Washington County COVID-19 protocols and make worship and fellowship opportunities available that best serves our congregation. 

What do I do if I attend a service and later find out I’ve tested positive for Covid-19?

Please notify the church. We will not share your name, however we will make everyone who attended that particular service aware that a positive Covid-19 test has been reported by someone who was in attendance. Email:

Will online service time change?

Our church online times will mirror our in-person service times, however you can experience all our weekly sermons on our YouTube Channel.


We have had to make a lot of adjustments because of the Covid-19 pandemic and I believe we have risen to the challenge. Now that we are moving back into the sanctuary for worship, it is important that we all consider that we must still be nimble and innovative as we come up with ministry solutions that keep us sharing the Gospel and invite others into the Kingdom of God. Thanks! 

If you have any questions we did not address, please contact Priscilla.