Message: “Seeing the Good News Right in Front of Us” from Jamie Johnson

Rich Miller - January 29, 2017

Face Up to the Present

Face Up to the Present

As children we learned that promises were important and needed to be kept. God understands that and so He has repeatedly told us throughout the Bible that if He makes a promise He’ll keep it. And in the Bible one of the most significant kinds of promises God makes was called a “Covenant.” A Covenant was the kind of promise that God made with Abram (renamed Abraham) when He promised Abram that if left his home and took his family to a place God would show him THEN God would bless Him in several significant ways (Gen. 12:1-4; 15:9-18). God’s O.T. covenant(s) with His people were mutually-binding and He never broke His word even though the people regularly did. The Good News is that God promised a once-and-for-all covenant that provides special reward for His people even when they break their word and let Him down. Jesus is that Covenant!

Scripture References: Philippians 1:3-11, Acts 16:24-40

From Series: "Sunday Morning Worship"

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