Message: “Intimacy – Beyond Strong Friendships” from Rich Miller

Rich Miller - May 19, 2013

WHAT'S IN A NAME? (Part 1)

Big Idea: When we use God’s name casually, either by word or deed, we could be making God look bad. How many of you when you were kids were told about how important it was for you not to tarnish the family name by doing something really stupid? What’s in a name? The Third Commandment addresses that issue. If you remember in the first of the ten commands God establishes His authority for giving us the rest of His commands. He also established the fact He has a unique relationship with the nation of Israel. In the second command, God tells us we must put Him first. This third command is going to take us a bit deeper. The third commandment goes right to the character of God and how God expects us to respect and reflect that character in what we say and do in life. What does God really mean when He tells us not to take his name in vain? Is there more to it than forbidding foul language? When we take God’s name in vain either by word or deed, we are making God look bad. When people murder, rape and pillage in the name of God, it makes God look bad. People used to really work hard making sure their name was something to be proud of. The name represented the person. God wants us to understand how important it is for us to take His name seriously!

Scripture References: Exodus 20:7

From Series: "The Law of Perfect Freedom (a sermon series on the Ten Commandments)"

James, the brother of our Lord, urges his readers to "look closely into the perfect law that sets people free." That "perfect law" is, of course, God's Law, also known as the Ten Commandments.

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