Message: “Come, Holy Spirit, Come!” from Rich Miller

Rich Miller - June 14, 2020

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

THE MOVEMENT BEGINS: LIFE IN THE SPIRIT (part 2) | Would you be able to face whippings, prison, or even the prospect of being killed for your faith? When posed with the question: Jesus or your life – would you choose Jesus? Could we ever give such unwavering testimony as those great men and women of the faith who centuries ago gave their lives instead of denying their Savior? Honestly, by ourselves, probably not. But the disciples were instructed by Jesus that God the Father would ensure that they would not be alone, that they would never be on our own. That same Jesus sends us His Holy Spirit and that with His help we can stand firm and witness to and about our Lord in whatever the situation. So, this Sunday, as we continue to celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church, we can and should pray: Come, Holy Spirit, Come! When the Spirit is with and in us, He testifies to us about Jesus so that we can testify about Jesus to the world.  

Scripture References: Acts 2:14-21

From Series: "The Movement Begins: Life in the Spirit"

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