Helping Hands Lighten the Load— Where can you help?

The Covid 19 Pandemic has been difficult for every aspect of our communities. As we continue keeping Sherwood Community Friends Church relevant during the pandemic and beyond, we need to have Committees that keep our church functioning strong and vibrant.

Currently, the terms of service of many committee members have expired, but they have continued to do the Lord’s work during 2020.  The SCFC Nominating Committee, will now begin the work of confirming committee members willingness to continue serving with their team and fill all vacant positions, some of which expired more than a year ago.

Our pastoral team, Pastor Rich (Lead Pastor), Pastor Bob (Family Life Pastor) and Rob Whitaker (Worship Director), have worked diligently to ensure a firm presence in our community during the pandemic. As we begin to grow our congregation both in person and online, these committee functions will become even more important.

Considering recent strides from our local government, we must become more inclusive in the work of our church. To this end, we invite all of our church members and regular attendees in the work of our committees so every voice is heard and we are able to collaborate as one church body.

We are committed to the concept that each committee in our church should have participation ranging across our full church body demographic, including all groups, genders, and ages. Specifically, we would like to have a high school or college representative on each committee, not only to gain their unique perspective but also to stimulate the culture of servant hood among our youth.

We believe that people serve more faithfully in areas that are within their scope of interest and the Nominating Committee may not be aware of everyone’s interests. We also believe that service  is not something Christians should be “drafted” into, but rather something they ought to volunteer to willingly do out of the overflow from their heart for the church.

Finally, if you are interested, please contact me (Clerk of Nominating Committee) and convey your area of interest and willingness to serve. You may also feel free to contact any SCFC staff member as well.

Thank you,
Glen Post

Clerk, Nominating Committee
Phone: (503) 916-9877