Friends Groups Rollout Timeline


  1. START HERE | Friends Groups Training Module: Sat., Jan. 9 from 9:00 to 11:00 am | If you are interested in getting more information about becoming a Friends Group leader, apprentice, and/or host, this brief training module is for you. We will talk about roles, discuss specific FG subject matter, and set the FG calendar.
  2. FRIENDS GROUP COMMISSIONING & LAUNCH | Sunday, Jan. 31 | During our Sunday service, we will introduce our Friends Groups leaders, including their specific group focus and purpose.
  3. WINTER FRIENDS GROUP SESSION | Feb.- Mar. 2021 | Current and new Friends Groups meet for 10 weeks.
  4. SPRING FRIENDS GROUP SESSION | Apr. – June 2021 | Each Friends Group determines  whether they will meet while the ROOTED Pilot Group Experience as their leaders will be encouraged to attend. If they agree to meet simultaneous to the ROOTED Pilot Group, this will be a 10-week session.
  5. ONGOING FG LEADER TRAINING | Mar. 27 & June 26 | This will be a 2-hour gathering to share and celebrate our Friends Group successes and to support one another in our leadership.
  6. SUMMER BREAK | July & Aug. | All groups are encouraged to take the summer off which will allow leaders, apprentices, and hosts to prepare for the Fall session.


  1. ROOTED FRIENDS GROUP | Begins Sunday, April 11, 2021 | Our ROOTED Pilot Group is made up of everyone who is currently a FG leader as well as anyone who is interested in being a leader and/or host (including “apprentice” leaders). ROOTED is a 10-week experience that trains/instills within Christians the 7 rhythms of discipleship
  2. ROOTED FRIENDS GROUP CELEBRATION: June 13, 2021 | The 7-rhythms of Rooted change people… and we want to take time to celebration what God has done and to invite others to take the Rooted course.
  3. ROOTED FRIENDS GROUP KICKOFF | Sunday: Sept. 12, 2021 | All existing groups will be encouraged to go through the 10-week ROOTED Experience (if they haven’t already) as will all new groups, at the commencement of Friends Groups in the Fall of 2021.
  4. FRIENDS GROUPS REPEAT | All Friends Groups will be built on the ROOTED 7-rhythms platform.


Friends Group Leader: Leaders provide their Friends Group members with support through prayer, encouragement and by providing the group content. They need a dynamic spiritual life, growing in intimacy with God, with a positive influence inside and outside the church. They mature their leadership skills by attending quarterly training with other Friends Group leaders provided at SCFC. Friends Group leaders oversee weekly (or biweekly) FG meetings (in-person and/or online), mentor an apprentice (leader in training) when applicable, and act as shepherd for their group.

Apprentice (leader in training): A person who takes on the role to learn and grow their leadership and shepherding skills while shadowing their FG leader. They also provide assistance to the FG leader regarding support for the meetings and planning.

Host: FG hosts provide the site for FG gatherings whether it be in their home and/or via Zoom. Hosts are people who create safe environments where FG participants feel free to learn, grow, and experience healing. Hosts can also be FG leaders too.