Final 2020 Thoughts

Imagine, with me for a moment, one day meeting someone in heaven who says, “You probably don’t know who I am and thought what happened in 2020 was a disaster, but what actually happened was my life eternally changed because that was when you made it possible for me to know the love of God and experience a personal relationship with Him!” WOW! How cool would that be?

This is the final week to give to Sherwood Community Friends Church for it to apply on your 2020 taxes. Give online or make sure your mailed gift is postmarked by December 31. Please note our church office will be closed Thursday, December 31 until Monday, January 4.

If you have already given a year-end gift to Sherwood Community Friends Church, thank you so much! If you have not yet, I’d encourage you to prayerfully consider a gift and also personally invite you to attend this upcoming Sunday service in person or online.

God has been so good to Sherwood Community Friends Church through the faithfulness and generosity of our church family. Lives are being changed, people are growing, the hurting are being helped and healed, and Jesus’ name is being lifted high.

Thank you so much for your continued partnership in the ministry and global impact of Sherwood Community Friends Church! I hope that this New Year is rich for you and you will experience the presence of God in 2021 in fresh new ways!

Living in grace,

Pastors Rich and Bob