Faith Promise 2021 May Update


Yakama Reservation 


The little traveling library travels to selected housing sites on the reservation on Wednesday afternoons. It is compact and well organized. A teen tribal girl, with a desire for all the children to have access to books, is the catalyst and visionary behind the Book-It Mobile.

Here’s a special report from Neena Clenger:

“[Recently] we had 41 kids check out books and several hung out to play the whole time we were there. One fourth grader asked if he could become a library helper.  A non-reader we have been praying for chose a book and consented to allow a volunteer to be his ‘personal’ reader.”

Sherwood Community Friends Church sent around 255 books this time. (Coloring books and crayons are needed and used to encourage readers.) Praise God!!!

Because of traversing the many miles of rough gravel roads, and the needs of many people lacking transportation, the Sacred Road staff vehicles only last about 3 years. This is one of the reasons we are raising funds this year is to help provide a new van for them.


With Charlett we sent several boxes of children’s clothing and other household items which were used during a Flea Market sale on May 1st to help raise funds for camps and meet needs of the people. 

Here’s what Neena said about that, “We had a dozen vendors and about 120 shoppers. It’s the largest event that’s been allowed on the [Reservation] since the Fall. So many people asked Chris [Granberry] to do another one and he has agreed for the next one to be on June 19th (outdoor and masks).”

Let’s be praying about that upcoming event.


Charlett was allowed to observe the youth group on the ministry site.  It was only the 3rd youth group since the initial COVID lock down in March 2020. This particular night, they had 60 people attend. Teens and leaders were brought by bus and vans.  They had hang time, food, games, worship music, and a short devotional. Hey sounds just like our Youth Group here at SCFC

Their hope is to have several positive and fun activities throughout the week to give them hope as many live in such extreme poverty, neglect, abuse and addictive homes.

We are planning to have more exchanges between Sacred Road and Sherwood Friend’s as restrictions are lifted. Currently the Tribal Elders have closed the reservation including camps and outside groups coming in through the summer. Remember the Yakima Reservation operates under their own government and guidelines as they are their own entity. 

We at Sherwood Community Friends Church made it our goal for 2021 to raise funds to help provide new transportation and other opportunities for the Yakima Indians through Sacred Road Ministry.

Collectively we are currently at: $3475PRAISE GOD!!!

Consider sharing your finances with Sacred Road. What might God be prompting you to give? You can do that throughout the year the same way we give our tithes and offerings. Mail or drop off a check, bring cash to our church office during office hours, and the easiest way is to donate to Faith Promise using our online giving any time. 

Let’s pray for Sacred Road Ministry and for our Faith Promise.

Learn more about Sacred Road and our 2021 Faith Promise.

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